Maikr - Mato Coffee Cup (Set of 2)

Maikr - Mato Coffee Cup (Set of 2)


A big part of the coffee experience takes place before the cup even touches your lips and, like wine, its all in the nose. The 'Mato’ coffee cup has been specially designed to enhance the way you enjoy your daily brew.

With it’s unique wine-glass shape, the ‘Mato’ coffee cup directs the aroma to your nose to draw in the distinctive flavours of your favourite roast.

  • Stylish stackable design

  • Thick ceramic stoneware to keep your coffee hot for longer

  • Finished with outer glaze for easy cleaning

  • Fill to half-way for optimal aromatic experience

  • Material: Ceramic Stoneware

You will receive:

1 x Maikr - Mato Coffee Cup (Set of 2)

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