Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world after water, so we wanted to source some of the best. We have selected a range of teas that highlight seasonality, traceability and are just really really tasty!


White Peony (bai mu dan) is a white tea made from the Fuding Dai Bai cultivar, and originates from Fuding, in eastern Fujian. The tea is plucked from one leaf shoot and two immediate young leaves, followed by very few procedures – mainly just withered in the sun and baked dry without breaking the leaves, to preserve most of the antioxidants. The resulting brew presents a very mild peony aroma, a pale green to golden colour and delicate fruity, sweet and grassy flavors that linger long after each sip.



This special premium jasmine green tea comes from Heng County, Guangxi Province, famous for its jasmine gardens. Fuding cultivar, which gives a fleshier and robust tea shoot covered with white ‘hairs’, is selected to be the green tea base. Even in its dried form, the ball-rolled pearl shaped tea is still able to emanate a truly fresh jasmine scent. Its light green-yellow coloured brew has lingering mellow and flowery scents, and is gentle and mild with a sweet and enjoyable aftertaste. 



Rocky Valley Oolong (also called Da Hong Pao) is a variety of the Fujian Wuyi Rock Tea family, presents an exceptionally complicated aroma, best described as floral, fruity, choc-caramel and smoky all at once! This cacophony is the result of the rocky soil, full of precious minerals and nutrients. The tea itself is made from larger leaves, which can be strong and powerful, but the tea is smooth with a golden to brown colour, and a lingering finish. This tea has an exceptional strong taste.



A luxurious take on the traditional breakfast tea. It is deliberately complex, with multiple layers in its taste profile. Chocolaty Assam forms the base. High grown Ceylon Orange Pekoe floats through the middle with a light fruitiness. Then, the sweet malt of Yunnan Red gives it the high notes to cap-off this unique wake-up cup. For those wanting more from a breakfast tea. Dry leaf: granulated tea with long wirey dark leaves. Liquor: deep red, mildly fruity, malt and chocolate.



Ingredients: lavender, fennel seeds, peppermint and spearmint. A cooling concoction to refresh the palate and purify the system. The menthol, anise and maple flavours offer a clean, lasting mouthfeel. Used to relax the stomach muscles to ease digestion and cramps. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties. Origin: China, Egypt.



Mt. Lapsang Origin is a continental favourite smoked black tea from Wuyi Mountains in northern Fujian, China, this variety has a distinctive smoky fragrance – from being carefully dried and roasted over pinewood fires. The dried tea is black and twisted, and its liquid is golden and bright. Meanwhile, the flavour is exceptionally delicate and refreshing.



This herbal tisane is free from caffeine & full of goodness. Made from the finest botanicals - carefully selected for their natural healing qualities and flavour properties. The origin of this tea is Huangshan, Anhui, China
. Tasting notes for this tea are - liquor: golden, daisies, honeysuckle and fruit nectar. This is a must try for all lovers of fine teas.


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